Teeth are known to be a significant part of an individual’s self-image. But unavoidably, teeth start to yellow with passing age or for many other reasons. Thankfully individuals can utilize different strategies to slow the cycle or reverse it if possible. Many professionals, such as  Forma Dental, can help you whiten your teeth within no time. Among these methods are brightening strips, which individuals can buy over the counter and use to assist with eliminating stains and brightening teeth. 

Assuming that there’s one magnificent classification that has turned into much more achievable regardless of your financial plan, it’s an immense and shifting universe of teeth brightening. In the past, just an expert could brighten and light up your grin, costing you a chunk of change. Brightening your teeth was viewed as a sometimes liberal stunner treatment — something you’d put something aside for an occasion like your wedding. This text will help you understand the reason behind the yellowing of teeth and its treatments. 

What Is The Reason Behind Teeth Discoloration? 

Almost everyone loves to have white and crystal clear teeth that enhance their looks and make their smile look more beautiful. But unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons that can lead to the darkening or yellowing of teeth. It might disappoint you and make you think there’s no way out. Although you often can’t control the darkening of teeth, there’s a way to brighten those teeth again. Many causes, such as ageing, accident, or development of tooth enamel, are unavoidable causes of teeth darkening. Hence it would help if you talked to your professional teeth whitening dentist to chalk out a treatment plan. 

Your doctor will tell you what tooth discolouration is and help you understand its causes. They will also help you decide if it’s just staining or is it a serious and long-term issue now. Also, your dentists will let you know the reason behind it, such as lifestyle, drinking, or improper oral hygiene. Many people go for teeth whitening for cosmetic reasons, but an ideal coral gables teeth whitening expert will help you understand the different choices available for teeth whitening. Know that you can have a sigh of relief as tooth staining can be treated in the majority of cases. Hence you need proper aid to reverse the issue. Here are some common reasons that might lead to stained teeth:

  1. Lifestyle habits:
    Many lifestyle habits can lead to excessive staining. If you analyze previous cases, most people had tooth staining due to improper lifestyle habits. Excessive alcohol drinking or consuming tobacco is one of the most prevalent factors that have to date, caused stained teeth. Consuming coffee, tea, and soft drinks too much daily can lead to conditions that lead to yellow teeth. Also, smoking and chewing tobacco can contribute to the condition.
  2. Poor oral hygiene: 
    Ensuring you have a good oral hygiene routine can help keep your teeth crystal clear. Following improper oral hygiene can be risky enough to cause stained teeth. Forgetting to floss and brush teeth regularly can cause plaque deposition and food. It could be harmful and not only lead to tooth discolouration but also cause many other oral issues. Also, you will have to get in touch with professional teeth whitening coral gables to ensure your teeth are in good condition.
  3. Diseases: 
    Frequent occurrences of certain diseases might also be a reason behind tooth discoloration. Many diseases can hinder the normal development of enamel which is the white exterior of the teeth and dentin. It could further cause yellow or discoloured teeth that look awful. Also, many treatment options for those diseases like chemotherapy or neck radiation might be the reason behind yellow teeth. Also, if any infection arises in pregnant women, it can lead to problems with the baby’s enamel development and discolouration in the baby’s teeth.
  4. Medications: 
    It is already known to everyone that there are medications that can lead to teeth discolouration in children. Some antibiotics, such as tetracycline and doxycycline, might also contribute to teeth staining and can impact enamel formation in kids. Be careful while using tetracycline and doxycycline as they also might be a reason behind yellow teeth. Certain coloured mouth rinses can also contribute to the yellowing of teeth. Hence check with a professional teeth whitening dentist before you use any new oral product.
  5. Ageing and genetics 
    Many coral gables teeth whitening specialists say that ageing can contribute a lot to tooth darkening. With the passing years, you will have to be extra careful about your oral hygiene to lessen the yellowing. The outer enamel layers wear out with increasing age, and this could make your yellow dentin visible. Also, your dentin grows, decreasing the size of the pulp. It decreases transparency which leads to dark-coloured teeth. Also, yellow teeth might accompany you due to genetic causes. In many families, it’s common to have thick and white enamel. Consulting an expert can help you identify the real cause behind stained teeth. If you need teeth whitening in coral gables, you can get in touch with Forma Dental.  


Yellow or stained teeth look utterly bad; hence, you need immediate treatment. But first, consult a professional teeth whitening dentist and find out the cause to know whether you are an eligible candidate for teeth whitening or not. Here are some ways which you can adopt for teeth whitening:

  1. Professional whitening: 
    Most dentists will apply hydrogen peroxide solution to the teeth to remove plaque. It will help you eliminate yellowishness without any major risk. This procedure can be performed by a specialist who employs professional products with the right method. Many products require heat with special lights to fasten the bleaching process. Also, different products will have different concentrations and hence needs professional care for the procedure.
  2. Whitening products 
    You can undoubtedly exchange your regular toothpaste and mouthwash for those expert brightening toothpaste and mouth rinses. As per the American Dental Association, these can incorporate hydrogen peroxide or other brightening fixings. It can contain gentle abrasives to eliminate stains on the surfaces of the teeth while cleaning tenderly. Even special brightening toothbrushes are accessible to clean teeth without scraped spots utilizing extraordinarily dense fibres.


Yellow teeth are unavoidable, and you must look for ways to overcome them. Forma Dental is an expert in Teeth Whitening in Coral Gables that can help you make your teeth brighter for a long last with professional methods. They will assist you with finding causes and let you achieve a shiny grin.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward whiter and brighter teeth, let Forma Dental help you find the best option. Call (786) 544-6442 to schedule an appointment with our Coral Gables dental office to refresh your appearance.