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Tooth Addition to Partial Denture: Cost in USA

Nothing can hurt you more than spending a lot of money for your smile and then further getting tooth decay which needs adding tooth to partial denture after a few months. People ask that can a tooth be added to a partial denture? Honestly, there is not a perfect answer to this question. And if this is feasible also depends on various things.

In some situations, adding an extra tooth can be a simple process done in a dental lab. It may get really expensive to have new partial dentures in other cases. In any situation, you will have to visit a dental prosthetic to know if you are eligible for a partial denture and how much it may cost you.


Partial dentures can be seen as removable dentures that can replace multiple teeth from the upper and lower portion of the mouth. Partial dentures are not just cosmetic devices. They are also beneficial and can enhance the experience of chewing and speaking for the one who uses them. Partial dentures are also helpful in preserving the placement of the rest of the teeth in the mouth that may otherwise get shifted over time.

Primarily the partial dentures are not meant to be worn all the time. Dentists recommend removing them at night and also cleaning them. According to a study made in 2017, it was observed that cleaning the partial denture reduces the chances of getting a cavity.

Partial dentures are removable, and this makes them a less popular option. In a study, it was observed that 39% of removable partial dentures were not used five years after the dentists recommended and produced them for their patients.


A question like can teeth be added to a partial plate is pretty common. So first and foremost, you will have to get a consultant with a dental prosthetic. Only then can you be sure if you can have a partial denture. The dentist will ensure your feasibility with the three factors: the material used to make your partial denture, the position of the new additional tooth compared to the current partial denture, and how healthy are your remaining teeth.


The material of the partial denture depends on the requirements and structure of the teeth. Still, the two most commonly used materials are acrylics and cast metal. If you make a cast metal partial denture, they will be more rigid and permanent, plus they provide higher strength and flexibility. Meanwhile, the acrylics partial denture is used as a temporary or transitional for the missing tooth.

This procedure of adding additional teeth can be slightly different, whether it’s cast metal or acrylic partial denture feasible. In either case, you will have to send your partial denture to the labs so that a dental technician can analyze it. The denture technician will add more acrylics to the denture so that they can bind chemically to the new denture. The acrylics partial dentures seem easier to add to the other tooth.

The tooth technician simply has to use more acrylics for the denture to bond to the new tooth. Comparatively, there are higher chances of breaking the cast metal partial denture in the future because of the relatively weaker bond between the cast metal and acrylics.


The position of the partial denture is also an essential factor when you want to add a partial tooth or whether you are comparing the new partial denture to an alternative. If you are getting a partial denture for your front teeth and somehow lose your back teeth, then it is much less for you to add a tooth than having a new partial denture build. In a few situations, the position of the new tooth might conflict with the acrylic base or the metal frame of the partial denture, which may result in discomfort and ill-fitted partial dentures.


Each partial denture and every mouth are unique, and the condition of the remaining teeth has to be taken into account. While you have the option to add additional teeth, further tooth loss and decay may result in the need to add more teeth to the partial denture, which is not always a possibility.

Are the remaining teeth in good condition to hold for the coming few years, or are there chances of them lasting only a few months? It can be a daunting prospect to go through more teeth extractions to make long-lasting partial dentures or even complete dentures, but it might be a better choice for the long term. So, if you live in Coral Gables, search for dentures in Coral Gables and consult a professional dentist.


If you have lost many teeth at the top or bottom of the jaw, a partial denture can benefit you. Here are some points that can lead to the loss of your teeth:

  • Decaying teeth
  • Extraction or removal of teeth
  • Injury

Irrespective of the reason for the unhealthy teeth, you must keep the remaining teeth in the best condition possible.


A dentist or a prosthodontist will be the one creating partial dentures for you. So, search for the nearest denture, for example, denture Coral Gables and consult a dentist. When doing this, there are a few factors to keep in mind like:

  • Anatomy of the patient’s mouth that will include your soft and hard palate
  • Condition of the remaining tooth and how they fit together
  • The patient’s cosmetic goals.

While choosing the kind of partial denture you want, you must question yourself the following things:

  • If you have any allergies – People who suffer from metal or acrylic allergies might require to wear flexible dentures.
  • Are you conscious about people seeing metal clips from your partial dentures – If you have a missing tooth at the back of the mouth, then this thing won’t be of much importance to you? Meanwhile, you may prefer to have acrylic or precision attachments for people with a missing front tooth.
  • How much money can you reasonably pay for the partial dentures – The overall cost is an essential factor in getting dentures so that your needs are met at a reasonable price.

Bottom line
In a study, it was seen that approximately 20% of adults in the US have missing teeth. So, if you also have a missing tooth, then a partial denture can help you out. Now that you know of tooth addition to removable partial denture, you can be sure if you require it.

If you want to check the price of the partial denture in the place you live, for example, if someone lives in Coral Gables, they can search for the cost of partial dentures for missing a tooth clinic in Coral Gables.

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