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Root Canal Procedure for Damaged Tooth Nerves

Endodontic treatment, also known as root canal, is a modern dentistry procedure conducted to heal damaged tooth nerves. It might sound shaky to get a hole in your teeth and clear the infection, right? Of course. But stay calm, as it isn’t as painful as you think. Don’t let cost and pain let you fear getting immediate treatment for this severe issue. If you don’t get a root canal for damaged nerves, you will need a more painful extraction. Hence getting a root canal can protect you from tooth infection in the upcoming future. Forma Dental is a great choice if you want to get a root canal in Coral Gables. To know further about root canals for damaged nerves, continue reading. 


If you don’t timely treat damaged tooth nerves, you will experience severe pain and discomfort. It could also further give rise to complications that might demand teeth extraction. Know that if you don’t treat it with the aid of a specialist, the infection can reach a severe height and lead to the formation of pus and abscesses. It is nothing but swelling with pus that is present at the bottom of the root canal and is the result of infection. It could also result in swelling across the various parts of the face. Hence if you feel it is happening, consult a specialist immediately. Root Decay can be worse than you imagine; hence being cautious is good. 


You can ask as many questions as you want to your dentist before you go for the treatment. But here are a few steps to ensure before going for a root canal treatment: 

  • You should take all the antibiotics before a few days of undergoing a root canal treatment if there are any infections. 
  • If you consume tobacco, know that it could interfere with your ability to heal after surgery. You will have to stop smoking several days after the appointment. 
  • Before you go for an appointment, eating a healthy meal is a good idea. You might not feel like eating after surgery due to numbing sensation. 


A root canal is an Endodontic Treatment carried out by specialists at their clinic. You will have to get an appointment and visit them first to analyze the issue, and later if they suggest you have a root canal, you will have to spare a minimum of 2 sittings for it. For this, you will have to sit on a chair, and they will place a bib around your neck to ensure that your clothes don’t get dirty. Below are the steps that take place in the procedure of root canal: 

  1. Anaesthesia administration
    A root canal can be an appropriate way to deal with root decay. But for the procedure, a dentist must first induce a numbing sensation in the affected tooth. For this, they will place a numbing medication and then inject local anesthesia. It won’t be painful, but you will feel a pinching sensation that can go away quickly. Know that you will always be conscious, but anesthesia won’t let you feel that pain. Therefore, this procedure of administering anesthesia must be done carefully. 
  2. Pulp removal
    Pulp is present in the middle of the tooth and carries nerves, connecting tissues, and blood vessels. If there is an infection in the pulp, you must undergo a root canal. Hence in the second step of this procedure, a dentist will remove the pulp. An efficient Gables Endodontics will do it proficiently without any complications. After your tooth is numb, your dentist will create a minor hole in the top so they can see the pulp. Later they will remove the pulp with a special tool called files. Additionally, an efficient dentist will clean all the canals. 
  3. Antibiotics 
    After removing the pulp, there is a high chance of getting an infection easily. Hence Endodontic Treatment experts will coat the surrounding area with antibiotics. It will help them ensure the infection is gone and won’t cause any complications. Later they will clean the canals and disinfect them to continue the procedure. After this, the dentist will fill the canals and seal them to get you back to your normal routine. The sealer paste will be of a material like Gutta-percha. Also, your doctor might give you oral medication to help prevent pain and infection after surgery. 
  4. Temporary filling and crown placing 
    After sealing it with the rubber-like material, it’s still open, and you can not continue eating normally. It is why you need to get a temporary filling in the next sitting. Once you visit your dentists, they will fill up the small hole at the top with a soft material. It will help you prevent the clean canal from any damage by saliva. Additionally, you cannot have food with a tooth that has undergone a root canal without placing a crown over it. Then, in your second sitting, a dentist will place a small crow that looks similar to normal but is made from artificial material. 


At the time when your dentist performs the endodontic treatment, they will administer anesthesia that can make the gums go numb. Later, when the numbness wears off, you might feel that your gums are sore and painful. Also, there might be swelling as a result of the treatment. Hence it’s crucial to go for a follow-up after your root canal procedure has been done. Make sure you choose the best Gables Endodontics, such as Forma Dental, to have effective follow-up sessions. The majority of times, they will prescribe you a course of antibiotics and painkillers to combat after-surgery effects. 

Normally you can resume your normal schedule immediately after surgery, but if you cannot, visit your specialist immediately. Also, don’t chew with the tooth that has been dealt with to avoid pain and infection. But once the dentist fits the crown, you can effortlessly resume your eating habits. Also, you will have to regularly visit a dentist, aftercare Endodontic treatment and get an x-ray of your tooth. It will help them know if any infection persists in your tooth or not. Later they will also change temporary filling with permanent ones.  


Damaged nerves can be worst when left untreated; hence getting a root canal is the need of the moment. You can contain Forma Dental for the best root canal results if you reside in Coral Gables. They will ensure you get a painless and best root canal surgery that might leave you in peace and not in pain.

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