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Our dental specialists offer treatments to repair broken teeth and help you regain a healthy, beautiful smile. When you visit Dr. Astrid Alves at Forma Dental, we will carefully examine your mouth to determine which type of restoration will provide you with the best results based on your needs.

Small: Composite Restoration

Welcome! We are sorry your tooth broke. Let us get you started. We recommend you visit us as soon as possible for an examination to fully determine what is the best treatment solution.For now, a composite restoration, or filling, may be what you will need. Our doctor will lightly modify your tooth, removing any bacteria while making the right shape to fit a restoration matching the shape and color of your adjacent teeth.

Medium: Inlay or Onlay

If you need this type of restoration, it will most likely be because your tooth is too weak to have just a filling, compromising your ability to chew. The doctor will reshape your tooth and make a very strong restoration. These are sent out to a laboratory and are made out of porcelain to ensure function, strength and aesthetics.

Big: Dental Crown

This is serious! Your tooth is in danger; please visit us soon.Your tooth is at a very delicate state, and the longer you wait, the higher your risk of losing it. The prognosis of your treatment diminishes. The doctor will try to save as much healthy tooth structure as possible, restructuring it to accommodate a strong and beautiful restoration.
To learn more about treatments for repairing broken teeth in Coral Gables, Florida, and to schedule an appointment with our skilled prosthodontist, call us today at (786) 882-7247.