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Role Of Nitrous Oxide In Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide is one of the most popular sedation dentistry techniques. It is also commonly known as laughing gas or happy gas. It is a very effective technique administered by the dentist in Coral Gables. Furthermore, it also leaves the person in a happy state, relaxed and light-headed making it one of the most preferred pain relievers for those who experience dental anxiety during a procedure. Since it causes a person to giggle, it is often called a laughing gas. However, it should not be used for an extended period as it can be harmful to the patient and even fatal.

No Need Of Injections

It is yet another advantage of this sedation dentistry. It is ideal for patients who fear needles. This type of sedation technique does not require needles or IVs. They will also be well aware of the surroundings, including the procedure from beginning to end. 


  • Immediate results as it calms the patient in less than three minutes from being administered
  • A dentist in Coral Gables can ideally adjust the extent of sedation at any point in time while performing the procedure
  • It is also ideal for complex or length dental procedures
  • The dentist will have absolute control over the action and level of nitrous oxide at all times

Thus nitrous oxide plays a vital role in helping the patient manage pain, discomfort, and dental anxiety while visiting a dentist. Before choosing the right dentist in Coral Gables, you should do proper research about the dental office, including testimonials, feedback, and recommendations from friends or family members. You should also check whether the Coral Gables dentist has the right licenses, certifications, etc., for performing sedation dentistry procedures. Before choosing to go ahead with the treatment, enquire for a free consultation with the dentist. Ensure the dentist at Coral Gables listens to your needs and understands your concerns.