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Undoubtedly, every person wishes to have a brighter smile, and honestly, there are several ways you can achieve this goal. People often get confused by the number of choices when they want to whiten their teeth.  

Once you understand the teeth whitening basics, you will get to know that there are only two ways in which teeth whitening works. Either you can professionally in-office bleach your teeth or do it with at-home products. 

Irrespective of the choice you make from these two, both will contain peroxide-based bleaching agents. Talking of at-home products, they will have 3 to 20 percent carbamide or hydrogen peroxides, while in the professional in-office treatment, they have 15 to 43 percent peroxide. 

If you are confused between the professional way and the at-home products, then this is your place. Here, you will know about both professional and at-home teeth whitening systems. You will learn how professional teeth whitening is worth each penny you invest in it and how it is better than the OTC products. 

While people get decent results from using the at-home products, there are several benefits of the professional treatment. Also, a few vital health risks cannot be denied while using at-home products for teeth whitening. 

As a simple rule, keeping a strong peroxide solution on teeth makes them look brighter. Hence, if you wish to make your teeth whiter, you can apply a higher peroxide solution for the short term and get the result. 

But if you are in a rush to get brighter teeth too soon, you can try out the teeth whitening gel. If you keep on the teeth whitening gel for a bit too long on your teeth, it will start to dehydrate the teeth, ultimately making your teeth sensitive. This will lead to severe pain and another kind of dental damage, which is why at-home products are not the best thing to use for teeth whitening. 

Even if you keep the low percentage of teeth whitening products on your teeth for too long, you will still face teeth sensitivity and experience pain while eating certain foods. People probably misuse the at-home products, and then they will understand how professional teeth whitening treatments are better. 

No matter the amount of research you do or ask any friend about teeth whitening, always consult a dentist before taking such steps. They will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of both procedures. 

Most people don’t see any good results from using at-home product kits. They get tempted to leave on the teeth whitening solution for way too long as compared to the recommendation. They will lead to unfortunate results in the form of dental issues with no more than beautiful results. 

Considering the professional teeth whitening then, they work faster than at-home products. The more robust peroxide solution, heat, and light tend to speed up the process and intensify the professional approach. So, if you are looking for professional teeth whitening Coral Gables, then take a look at Forma dentistry. It will be worth it.

If you wish to get eight times brighter teeth, you must expect to do many 30-60 minutes of office visits, but some dentistry will save you so much time by using specialized techniques that take just a single visit of about 2 hours to whiten your teeth. 

The fact that professional treatment does cost a lot that one might expect can’t be denied, but the results, in the end, are worth the price. Also, the fact that a best dentist does teeth whitening at a clinic is way safer than the at-home procedure that one might try. 

Essentially, the at-home whitening treatments are DIY. So, DIY projects do carry risks because they don’t fully get what they are doing and how the treatment is supposed to function. Hence, this can easily injure their teeth. 

Plus-point of getting the professional treatment also includes that the dentist will also clean your gums and teeth so that the plague and tartar are get rid of, and if any cavity is there, then that is also treated. So, the dentist will ensure that your teeth are ready for the procedure. If you live in the USA, teeth whitening Coral Gables is considerable.

As a professional will treat your teeth, there will be null chances of hurting your teeth as they know how to avoid any damage while getting dramatic and long-lasting results. The in-office treatments include a higher dose of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide compared to those available in at-home products. 

Like most, the whitening strips contain only 6 percent of hydrogen peroxide, and 35 percent peroxide is included in at-home trays. On the other hand, the professional treatment uses 35 percent of peroxide. Furthermore, this result can be enhanced by adding tools like heat and light.


Professional treatment may seem a bit too costly and out of budget. Still, they are done by professionals, ensuring safety and better results than at-home products, which can be harmful and won’t even show better results.

So, before opting for the at-home products, think about it twice so that you don’t end up damaging your teeth. You would beforehand consider precautions and save plus whiten your teeth by the professional treatment. If you are looking for teeth whitening Coral Gables, you must visit Forma Dental, or book an appointment where they provide their customers with one of the best services and treatments.