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How Gables Porcelain Crowns Can Save a Damaged Tooth

Has decay, a fracture, a root canal, or other problems affected your natural tooth? You might be a perfect candidate for porcelain crowns in Coral Gables that restore full function rather than losing it entirely. To support, strengthen, and preserve the tooth, this protective covering completely encases the visible tooth.

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, is an artificial tooth that is hollow and designed to cover a damaged or rotting tooth. The remaining natural tooth is rebuilt and strengthened with a custom-fitted crown, which is made of pure ceramic or porcelain fused to metal alloys. For a smile that looks natural, it repairs lost structure and returns the teeth to their former size, shape, and appearance. A crown provides complete surface coverage for overall protection, in contrast to fillings, which only cover cavities.

Procedure for Dental Crowns

One of the common questions people ask is – “Can a crown save a cracked tooth?”

Preparing your tooth: To make a place for the crown and remove any rot from the broken tooth, the dentist must first file it down. To ensure that the crown fits snugly over the tooth, porcelain crowns in Coral Gables will alter it. About two millimeters of the tooth’s outer structure are removed during this procedure. If there is any nerve involvement, medication may then be used to treat the tooth.

Dental Impressions: Using a soft putty that solidifies to create a perfect replica of your mouth and the tooth’s position, an impression of the prepared tooth is made. The alignment and shape required to build the crown are provided by this impression.

Temporary crown placement: While you wait, a temporary acrylic crown is created and placed to cover the filed-down tooth. It preserves the chewing surface’s integrity and avoids discomfort or sensitivity.

Final crown Placement: Your permanent bespoke crown will be tried on during a follow-up appointment in two to three weeks to guarantee the best possible fit and aesthetic. It will subsequently be cemented over the prepared tooth to permanently attach it into place. To ensure comfortable operation when eating or closing your mouth, you may need to make adjustments to your bite.

Reasons You Might Need a Dental Crown

Another common question people ask is – Can you get crowns on damaged teeth?

 Protection: Your tooth is shielded from breakage and damage by a crown. A porcelain crown in Coral Gables may be necessary for a tooth that is weak or broken to stop additional harm or tooth loss. The crown serves as a shield to protect the tooth that is still present.

Protection for Dental Implant & Root Canals – Crowns are the greatest way to safeguard teeth that have had root canal therapy or dental implants. The implant crown binds and supports the prosthetic tooth over the metal implant post. A crown is necessary following root canal therapy to fortify the original tooth.

Improves Your Smile: Crowns are also frequently utilized for cosmetic purposes to address difficulties with looks. For a stunning smile, they can whiten, reshape, and fix teeth that are chipped, uneven, or discolored.

Restoring Old Teeth: Crowns can also help teeth that are worn down due to grinding or aging. They return everything to its former proportions. In essence, crowns restore teeth that have suffered severe deterioration due to aging naturally.

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Porcelain crowns in Coral Gables are a good option if your tooth is broken, decayed, or in some other way compromised structurally. Forma Dental tooth-colored porcelain crowns strengthen and preserve damaged teeth instead of extracting them. Gables crowns improve the integrity of your smile by restoring function and beauty with a tailored fit and long-lasting quality. Don’t wait to make an appointment to find out if our crowns can restore your damaged but salvageable teeth to optimal function and aesthetics.