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Dental Implants Options in Coral Gables

A patient may obtain dental implants in Coral Gables for various reasons, many of which center on enhancing general oral health and changing one’s self-image for the better. Implants are frequently used when a patient is seen missing one or multiple teeth and is not interested in or has had no luck with dentures or dental bridges. 

The dental implant specialist will help you regain your lost smile and confidence. Unlike other treatments, it will also provide a permanent solution for the teeth. Once the implantation process is complete, the artificial tooth has the same appearance and function as natural teeth. The final result is a stable bite. 

There are different types of dental implants in Coral Gables, and an implants dentist in Coral Gables may advise one above the others depending on the needs of a particular patient. A dentist must ascertain whether the patient’s jawbone is stable enough to support an implant. Following that decision, a patient may choose from three different implant types. 

A patient must first be knowledgeable about the facts and myths, different types of implants and the problems they solve in order to decide whether this kind of dental work is the best line of action. Here are some of the types of implants provided by dental implants Coral Gables.


The jawbone is where these dental implants are inserted. They are the most popular kind of implant, often constructed of titanium and resembling tiny screws. In this type, titanium or ceramic-based screws, cylinders, or blades are used in place of the tooth roots. The implant, which assists in holding the false teeth in place, is surgically drilled into the jawbone.  

It further consists of three types: Screw type (threaded), Cylinder type (smooth), and Bladed type. The dental implant specialist will determine what would work best for your teeth. Endosteal implants are well regarded for delivering one of the best results that feel the most stable and natural. 

However, you might not have enough bone needed for an endosteal implant if you naturally have a narrow jawbone ridge or if one is short, constricted, and worn down due to trauma or disease. A subperiosteal implant might be an option in this situation.


These dental implants are inserted on or above the jawbone but beneath the gum line. Patients who do not have enough healthy jawbone and cannot or do not want to have a bone augmentation treatment to reconstruct it may use this type of implant. 

The overall treatment process for subperiosteal implants is completed in two appointments and is frequently a much quicker treatment plan. However, this process is not much in use today, but it plays an essential role in choosing another procedure.


Patients who want dental implants but have severe bone loss in the upper jaw can benefit from Zygomatic (Zygoma) Implants. This procedure reduces the need for bone augmentation. These implants are placed in the zygomatic bone or cheekbone to support upper jaw teeth, bridges, and dentures. 

It is required for patients with advanced bone loss because of age or some injury. Also, it can be used for patients having worn-out dentures or lost teeth.


If a patient only requires one dental implant, these ones are used. To effectively replace the missing root, one post can be implanted into the jawbone where the missing tooth once was. The last step is to give the jawbone enough time to recover around the post, which could take several months. A third component, an abutment, holds the crown to the post once it has fully healed.

With regular care of the teeth, the single implant can last for years, functioning just like a natural tooth. 


If you are missing a sizeable amount of teeth consecutively, that is, in a row, this type is the most suitable for you. In this arrangement, the two teeth at either end of the row’s roots can be replaced by dental implants. These implants’ crowns support the linked crowns, effectively acting as a bridge. By doing this, each artificial tooth no longer requires an implant to keep it.

In contrast to crowning the neighboring teeth, an implant-supported bridge embeds titanium screws into the jawbone for each missing tooth. Further, they are among the most potent and therapeutic systems accessible. It is among the most common methods chosen at Coral Gables Dental Implants by patients missing multiple teeth.


Implant-retained dentures are an option for people who miss most of their teeth. The closest thing to having a mouth full of natural teeth is implanting retained dentures or overdentures, as frequently referred to at dental implants Coral Gables.

They enable patients to speak and smile naturally and restore their confidence. Additionally, individuals can enjoy a more diverse diet and eat whatever they want. A complete denture that rests on top of the gums is attached to many implants that are fixed in the jawbone. These dentures are put in place permanently instead of having dentures that must be taken out regularly. 

A dental implant specialist can recommend a type from all these dental implants to regain your smile and confidence. 

Let us now consider some things to remember while getting Implants.

  • Cost: The Dental Implant cost may vary from place to place and person to person requirement. Generally, the range of spending for getting implants is between $800 to $3000 per tooth. But spending some amount on your betterment and comfort is always required.
  • Dentist’s Experience: When evaluating a dental implant specialist’s ability to perform, always consider their experience. Ask your friends and family about it for recommendations and their opinions, or search online. This way, you will be better positioned to make the desired choice.
  • Improvement in Dental Health: The better your oral wellness, the more likely you will receive a successful dental implant. Consult the Implants dental in Coral Gables about any medications you require before and after the surgery. 


Book an appointment at Dental implants Coral Gables today and know about your requirements by taking a visit. Getting dental implants prevents further bone loss and gives you an evergreen look. It also keeps you from getting gum diseases and keeps the adjacent teeth in position. The implants are durable and can last as long as a lifetime with proper care. 

See a dental implant specialist at the earliest and know what works best for you.  Prevent oral health problems before and after getting dental implants by visiting your dentist regularly. Getting an implant could significantly improve your life, so take the time to research and evaluate it.

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