Dental Implants in Coral Gables, FL

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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal posts or frames which serve as tooth root replacements. They provide points of attachment for artificial teeth, so that they’ll be well-grounded and won’t slip around inside the mouth. They also allow bridges to be affixed to the jawbone itself instead of the neighboring teeth.

Is a dental implant right for me?

You may need a dental implant if there is a space in your mouth from a missing tooth or you’re getting a tooth extracted and will need it replaced. Even if you’re not concerned with how a missing tooth looks, neglecting to replace it can lead to serious oral health problems.

Dental implant

Prosthodontists are expertly trained, cosmetic specialists. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Alvez to see if dental implants are right for you.

What’s involved in getting a dental implant?

With Forma, dental implants are a very simple procedure because of their thorough and proper planning. It should also be noted that a dental implant is not a tooth replacement, but rather the base to which a replacement tooth or crown is attached.

  • CT Scan – First, a CT scan of the area will be taken to produce a 3D image. This helps Dr. Alves take exact measurements and ensure that the patient has enough bone to sustain an implant. If there is insufficient bone, a graft may be required.
  • Implant – Once full preparation has been completed, Dr. Alves will insert the implant into the bone in a very simple procedure. Once the implant is attached, it will need about 3 months to heal.
  • Replacement – After the area has healed, Dr. Alves will take an impression of the mouth so as to create an abutment, the device that connects the implant with the replacement tooth or crown. These items are then connected, giving the patient a complete and healthy smile.

Is the procedure painful? I don’t like drills and screws.

Patients will be fully anesthetized for this procedure, so they will not experience any pain or pressure. There may be some slight soreness afterwards, but none of the drilling sensation will be experienced by the patient.

Why are implant prices different everywhere I look? Why are some more expensive?

It’s important to have a consultation instead of seeking a flat price, because the base price of an implant does not include abutments, crowns, or the CT SCAN. What’s more, a patient may need a bone graft in order to receive implants, which again will not be considered if a patient simply calls and asks for the price of a dental implant.