Restorative Dental Options: What You Need to Know!


Prosthodontics is the area of dentistry focused on restoring the mouth to a functional and esthetic state when clinical conditions are associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues. Should you ever suffer a broken or missing tooth, this is the kind of expert care you’ll want to seek. There is a wide array of options when it comes to restorative dentistry, and while your dentist will know which course of treatment is best for you, it doesn’t hurt to have a good understanding of your options.



Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and are made custom to fit your mouth. Partial dentures attach to existing teeth to help fill in the missing ones, while full dentures feature a flesh-colored acrylic base which fits over your top and bottom gums. Dentures may take a little getting used to, but they offer a versatile and esthetic alternative to permanent options like implants when finances are a concern.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are metal posts surgically placed in the jawbone which serve as replacement tooth roots. They provide points of attachment for artificial teeth, so that they’ll be well-grounded and won’t slip around in your mouth. They also allow bridges to be affixed to the jawbone itself instead of the neighboring teeth. Implants are a great option but require strong gum health and a sufficient amount of bone in order to be placed and require a 3D scan (CT scan) for proper diagnosis and predictable results. 

Prosthodontics information on restorative dentistry

Crowns & Bridges

 Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic devices, meaning they cannot be removed and replaced from the mouth by the patient. Crowns are used to cover (or “cap”) damaged teeth in order to strengthen them, improve their appearance, shape or alignment. Bridges are fixed restorations which replace the missing tooth by connecting to the adjacent teeth on each side of the gap, or to the new root created by a dental implant.


Restorative Dentistry in Coral Gables

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